Strong Human Resources practices encourage a love of life long learning and continual professional and personal development for all our staff.

All of our staff actively continue to upgrade their skills to ensure that Montpellier remains at the forefront of education.

Our classroom structure consists of straight grades (no composites) and we endeavour to keep class sizes small to ensure your child gets the individual attention they need and deserve.

Principal Team
Mr Andrew Dalgleish    Mrs Chris Browne        Mrs Di Stainsby


Learning Specialists

   Mr Chris Young       Mrs Gemma Barnes


Prep Team




Mrs Rebekah Fewkes     Mrs Lisa Hatton        Mrs Natasha Troop      Miss Tess Severin

Grade 1 Team
Miss Kathleen Murphy  Mrs Justene McTaggart   Ms Michelle Tomlins        Mr Damien Hyatt


Grade 2 Team
 Miss Anna Nicholls        Miss Tayla Allen          Mrs Tessa Kelly          Mr Chris Vine         Mr Mark O'Donnell

Grade 3 Team
   Mr Brock Riches         Mr Michael Yates     Mrs Robyn Anderson  Mrs Rebecca Newell

Grade 4 Team
  Mr Tim Warburton      Mrs Heather Noga       Mr Jayden Pitt  

Grade 5 Team

Mrs Gemma Barnes     Mr Tom Kearney        Mrs Elise Coventry       Mrs Allison Carr

Grade 6 Team
Mr Jesse Fisher         Mrs Kristin Underwood     Mr Mark Blake


      Mrs Jill Bell             Mrs Leonie Barnett        Mrs Mel Page              Mrs Tanya Walsh


Mrs Tracey Marusso     Mrs Carolyn Martin     Miss Grace Buso     Mrs Susie Petty     Mrs Danielle Broadbent   Mrs Mel Palamara